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February 10, 2016

New vapors quick start guide to learning the basics (info sources)

If you are new to this ecig, vaping thing there are two important steps you should take to help with the tidal wave of information you need to know. You won't learn squat if you don't enquire. There are a couple dependable sources where you can ask questions about this new venture you are undertaking:

1. Your local vape shop. These guys are everywhere nowadays. As a rule of thumb the employees know their stuff, however, keep in mind that they are also there to sell you inventory so be conscious of that...many times those guys will sell you something a beginner don't need in order to make that commission! FYI: I am not saying all will do they but this leads to your most dependable source of information gathering:

2: Good old internet research! Two ways to utilize this resource is to search engine any questions and (the best way IMPO) is the vape discussion forum! You have many people many experts, at your disposal to answer your questions and debate your opinions. Make sure you follow all the conduct rules usually posted as one of the first threads as you can get banned for violating the communities "laws" and discussion forums are indeed their own little community.

I know to many this may seem elementary, but to those whom lack the understanding of exactly how complex and addicting this wonderful thing we simply call vaping is, this information may save the new vapors some time, confusion and embarrassment.

One more thing - there are many great online cape shops selling equipment and ejuices, some more expensive than others, but ordering online is almost always cheaper than a chain vape retailer. You should utilize Amazon and eBay as they sometimes have mind-blowing deals.

Feel free to comment or submit questions in comments section and I'll get back with you A.S.A.P. 😉

February 9, 2016


I am not sure I'm qualified to author a blog on vaping, however, I have become a vape fanatic and I hope this blog will keep me learning and with luck, allow me to meet others with the same enthusiasm and hopefully more knowledge.

That being said, this site serves a few purposes. Publish information on vaping equipment, accessories and ejuices. Also, I would love to add contributors to post their views, reviews and opinions. Finally, I would like any vape forums and online stores to feel free to take advantage of the fact I am just starting by posting link banners and/or posting their products and services.

That's all for now... I look forward to seeing this site progress and grow.

Keep vaping and screw the cigarettes' and dip! 👌