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September 17, 2016

IJOY Tornado RDTA (It's really an RTA FYI) Review & Info

Ok, I am very aware I'm a bit slow on the draw reviewing this tank but I am at the mercy of having to purchase what I review so until I am blessed with freebies to review I may be a little behind...SORRY!

So...IJoy's Tornado. I am quite pleased I ordered this RTA (or RTDA per IJoy).

It advertizes as a no drip RDA (as are all RTA's) with a power mode setting range of 30-300 watts! Not a typo...300 watts! If anyone reading this vapes at 300 watts, well, you are a unique individual! I feel the claim of such an insane wattage is a marketing tactic however I'm only speculating.

This tank comes in stainless or black.

Product features are as follows:

* 24 mm diameter
* Ejuice capacity of 5 mL
* 17.8 mm double post deck
* 24 kt gold plated 510 pin
* Huge delrin drip tip

Package includes:

* Tornado RDTA
* Ample O-ring supply
* Hex key
* Spare screws
* 2 twisted coils

The Tornado also give 2 deck options. The T4 & T6...the T4 (which I have) has 4 post holes on the two posts allowing for your basic dual build. The T6 has, you guessed it, 6 post holes providing the ability to construct a unique 3 coil build. I have to say that although this coil overkill seems like one could become the master cloud chucker I am blasting serious vapor with my T4...I can only relay information on what I'm educated on. The Tornados pro's are many. Huge vapor production, flavorful, large ejuice capacity and ascetics are smooth (I love the look of this tank!). Con's are not major. The odd twist lock/unlock fill slot is a pain IMO, The build deck is a beefed up Moon shot RTA from Sigelei so builds take getting used to. There also is no juice flow control so wicking this deck just right is a must or leaking can be an issue. In closing I really feel I must give this tank an A+ even with the few cons mentioned. If you pick one up and are not familiar with the Moon Shot RTA building method you'll probably need to check out a YouTube video on the details (It is nothing like the Sense or Griffin). Saying all that to say go buy a Tornado RTDA from IJOY will be a cloud chasing monster! emp_Saved%2BImages_images%252815%2529.jpg" /> HAPPY VAPING FROM BIGROBBIE