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November 9, 2016

Double Barrel 130w Box Mod – A Review

"Squid Shots Fired!!!
The smallest regulated high powered dual 18650 on the market! Designed by a US Navy veteran and avid vaper!

-Variable wattage (0-130 watts!)
-Steel body
-Bi-functional firing switch (also serves as a dial to adjust wattage)
-24mm 510
-Height - ~90mm  X  Width - ~45mm
-Safety features such as reverse battery polarity protection, and short circuit protection
-Wattage and battery level indication lights
-MSRP $120

A portion of all proceeds go toward nonprofits that serve Veterans!" - Quoted directly from manufacturer (dimensions are estimated)

 The first time I laid eyes on this mod I told myself it would be mine. It finally happened, thanks to Lucky Deuces Vapor Company for a great price! Of course it was a bundle deal, but did come with the Peacemaker RDA by the same company, Squid Industries. Check out the site, if you haven’t already, and read their mission statement. I definitely want to try their juice line and would love to see more hardware from them!

 On to the Double Barrel 130 watt! It is a strong contender but I have mixed emotions about this mod. To me, It’s like a good relationship. You have to take the good with the bad and remember to be happy. Let’s start with the good. Skulls!! I admit I am a sucker for skulls. Include an anchor and I’ll obviously open my wallet (seriously, though, I'm glad I did). I can really embrace the design after using it. It is light, but has a very sturdy feel to it.

There is a tactile, rotating fire button that engages and controls the device. It's something you don't see everyday.

This thing also has LED indicators that provide to you the power setting and battery life.
  • Battery Light Indicators – Blue=<70% ; Green=30-70% ; Red=>30%
  • ·        Wattage Light Indicators – 1 LED=5-30 watts, 2 LEDs=35-55 watts, 3 LEDs=60-80, 4 LEDs=85-105, 5 LEDs=110-130 watts

 You read that correctly, there is no screen (we’ll get to that in a bit). I actually like this feature as I did with the original K-Box by Kangertech. Conserves some of that power to allow more vape time! That battery compartment “door” is definitely a unique design that works well.

 And the obvious goodies, including short circuit protection, reverse battery protection, low/high resistance protection and low battery protection.

 This mod just looks like it will tear up an RDA! The form factor and “minimalist” design are definitely geared towards a particular type of vape enthusiast. The price is on par with quality, lower end boxes (Snowwolf, Hohmwrecker, Sig 150tc, etc). And the function is fairly good too... 130 watts are more than enough to heat my juicy wicks, the batteries are easily removed/secured, it fires on command and certainly gets the job done.

 Now the bad. Since there isn't a screen to show you resistance, you have to be sure to measure your coils before testing any new builds. This is not the end of the world since it brings us back to our roots, so to speak. You get to pull out that dusty old ohm meter!

 I'll admit I don't use it much anymore since I have plenty of mods that will measure my coil resistance. In fact, I have a couple of beater mods dedicated to building.

 If you can get past that, you then have to deal with the fire/settings button. I know, I know I said it was a good thing and it is. I like it being the only controller. But the problem is that when you press it to fire, you can accidentally turn the dial at the same time. Also, it doesn't stop rotating when you hit the min or max wattage. This requires you to rotate the dial until you get to a known wattage setting, then you can count (in increments of 5 watts) the clicks until you hit your desired wattage. This will only be an issue until you get comfortable using the mod.

 Next is the 510 connector. So far, I have only had an issue with one RDA not having long enough threads to make contact with the postive pin from the mod. But, this tells me there are other RDAs that run into this problem.

 The last (personal preference) issue I have is the graphics are printed/painted on. I prefer engraved, or at least laser etched, logos because print/paint is easily rubbed away after much use. I have not tried to remove the graphics, nor have I seen them affected by a weeks worth of handling. I have, though, run into some paint removal around the 510 connector (aka Atty Rash).

 Of course, the above list of good and bad are solely based on my opinions. You might consider some of my "goods" as not so goods. That is the beauty of the vape game. It's all about personal preference. What's right for me may not be right for you, and vice versa. I am happy with my purchase and can take the bad to enjoy the good. I am giving this mod an 8 out of 10 and really glad I added it to my collection!!

 Are you still interested? If so, you may want to think about pulling the trigger (pun intended here) quickly. This mod is limited production, with only 1000 offered worldwide. I found a few sites that had it before I purchased from Lucky Deuces (sadly, they have sold out of the mod), but those sources are slowly drying up. The only place I can find it available currently is Vape Naked, but I apologize as I don't have any experience purchasing from them. Hope you enjoyed my very first hardware review, I know I did. In case you are wondering, the deck you see pictured above is from the Recoil clone I just picked up from 3fVape (China). I'll be reviewing this clone very soon. Thanks for your time and vape on!


November 7, 2016


Just want to welcome the newest author LWClouder! He is a veteran member at ECF and and (in my opinion) an expert and a blessing to this vape blog! I look forward to his contribution! Oh, and he is a coil building machine! 👍