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February 16, 2016

THE QUEST TO BE CIGARETTE FREE 'Starter Kits For New Vapors '

Ok, the title lied a bit, I wouldn't say it's so much a quest as just a matter of deciding to put away the cigarettes and find an alternative nicotine replacement method which allows you to titrate dosages lower and lower until...your "not actually a quest, quest" is now other words you're a non smoker👍!

Now if you've found this blog I assume you are not looking for a nicotine patch, gum, lozenge or pill! You're here because, wait...let me guess...oh! You have decided to try e-cigs (a term that stuck and it basically means you will try "VAPING" ) as an alternative! Congrats! You made the right call! Vaping isn't just a way to tough it out until you finally quit. Vaping is an alternative way to step down nicotine levels until you are vaping 0 mgs of nicotine.

Confused a little? I think I'll use my own journey to help you "get it" because if you are stepping fresh into will soon start to realize this method to quit smoking isn't that simple. Vaping is a surprisingly complex and serious subculture! Don't freak out and run and buy more Newports! You can keep it simple and not explore the world of possibilities offered to people using vaping e-cigs. However, chanes are you will become a fan and soon be writing a half assed blog like this...JK! Main point is take it easy, ask questions, use the internet discussion forums, and you also have your local "hometown" vape shops.

Back to the point. There are different styles, or models of ecigs to select from. They go from mini "cigalikes" that can be purchased at the corner convince store- example: those disposable "fin" brand. I'm really not talking about this mini cigalikes. Personally they don't really help. Try one if you think I'm a liar-liar-pants on fire 🔥! I happen to know that I am indeed NOT lying about this...I want you making the right choices the first time. So I am going to be schooling you on the medium or what is sometimes called an eGo style rechargeable battery and a tank with a heating coil and your vape oil.

 Smoking sux, and if you haven't read it anywhere -they are bad for your health! So let's get this topic launched 🚀

What in the world do you buy and how do you use it? I'm glad you asked me that!

Starter kits: What kit should you get (I'm a poet and I didn't know it!). Sorry, I digress: If you simply wish to give the vape that ol' college try and see if you're in love before you get married then I would suggest the Kanger Evod Mega Starter Kit by Kangertech. It retails for around $28.00-$30.00 and includes, and this is quoted from the Kangertech website

"The new Kangertech EVOD Mega, it boasts a 1900mah fixed voltage battery with built in charging circuitry (micro USB lead supplied) and a large 2.5ml capacity dual coil tank, ideal choice for those who want to try mod-like vaping without the higher price tag, or simply for the benefits of the larger capacity."

I started with something similar and if you're seriously wanting to kick the smokes, well, in my opinion here is good starting point. Now, at the end of my gibberish I'll supply the Kangertech web link. No matter how cool some of the other devices look, you will not buy something nuts for a beginner like a regulated APV (automated personal vaporizer) with temp control, led read out to adjust either voltage or wattage (VV/VW) with a sub ohm clearomizer or anything other than a starter kit like above. I'll cover APV's (also called MODS) in either my next post or the one after 🔜

I want to quickly cover the type of eliquids or ejuices to use in this model battery and tank. They have replacement coils that attach via a threaded bridge to the battery. The coils/ atomizer. Now coils are replaceable as they go bad eventually, the more you vape, the faster the coil fails. You'll know it's bad as a burning taste assaults you with each pull...

Another topic I'll cover in next blog is ohms, mAhs, and staying with this same family of battery but with a VV dial on the bottom. This permits you to change with a dial twist between 3.2-4.8 volts. More voltage, more heat and more vapor.

Returning to the "eGo" style battery I want you to begin with and the critical cog in this process. Eliquids or ejuices. When you buy your first bottle it will be sensory overload!!! But if you remember this rule when using an eGo style battery and a lower heat 1.5-1.8 ohm coil (also will cover in next few posts. Using this starter eGo style tubular battery and smaller tank with smaller coils selection of ejuice should be done with some knowledge. Another topic to be covered in next few blog posts is VG%/PG%. Using a rig I suggested (or one similar) I want to warn you to buy juices with a VG% of 60 or less. VG is vegetable glycerin and it's used in tons of foods and products and is harmless...BUT! WAIT! High VG% will clog or gum your upper ohm (remember, higher the ohms number the cooler the coil stays and therefore juice with over 50%-60% VG really doesn't need to be run in any clearomizer that isn't what's known as "sub ohm" or higher heat. The lower the ohm number the higher the heat and vice~versa! you may have realized if you didn't nod off while reading this is maybe vaping isn't as simple as one might have assumed. I think the next time we will cover more on VG & PG percentages, ohms, mAhs, as well as upgrading to first APV or as we will call them MODS, and you're choices in MOD type and power. Please contact me via comments with any questions or input.

As promised under this last paragraph I will post the link to the Kangertech website. I like Kanger but do not specifically endorse fact I suggest you compare similar kits with kits from other manufacturers like Aspire, Joytech, C.O.V. and others.

I hope you'll return for more information coming soon!

February 14, 2016


CHERRY BOMBER CLONE: Cherry Bomber clone is a sleek, dual parallel 18650 mechanical box mod in aluminum, now also in wooden housing. 
The Cherry Bomber uses dual 18650 batteries which, depending on the clone you get can be a hellish experience to insert/remove (more on that later).

 Sitting atop, of course, is a relatively standard 510 connection making it compatible with most atomizers for dripping, and most clearos (my preference is my Aspire Cleito.
Back to the battery situation. All use two 18650 batteries which is great for good battery life, great kick equaling nice big clouds. NOTE ON BATTERY INSTALLATION: I have the wood housing model, when I got it I expected to see the bottom screws, however, while mine is the CB standard ++ on top and -- on bottom...I have no bottom screws for installation ease?!?!? So it stands to reason that it's a semi traumatic process placing the batteries. [I MAY HAVE PTSD FROM THIS PROCESS ]! Screws or not, remember they install ++ / -- this is quite important.
Another function of The Cherry Bomber is a single firing button which on most CB's can twist lock into non firing mode. Again, mine doesn't have this option? Most likely if you get one it will have the locking pin. Upon first receiving your Bomber slide open back and look to make sure that the negative contact ring is set so that the flattened portion of the ring is flush with the firing button. This is to be sure you're getting a connection that is properly firing as well as not accidentally firing while in your pocket or if something is pressed against button.
The housing, be it metal or wooden you get a unique looking mod. Too front says "YOU WANT CLOUDS WE GOT CLOUDS" and just below dead center of box is image of a sort of pin up girl riding a bomb! Bottom front says "FUCK ALL CLONERS!" with a number which I assume acts as a serial or batch number (I can't swear to the numbers meaning though so don't take my word for it).
It's great hitting for a mech mod without VV/VW. It's light and so far durable. Use an RDA or Clearo tank...shouldn't have problems with compatibility as long as the atomizers are 510's.
I'd give this MOD an 8 out of 10 and recommend it to any vapor with above average knowledge of exactly how vaping equipment works.

Nice clone!