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November 14, 2016

A Billion Lives - A Documentary about the Ecig Industry, Big Tobacco and Big Pharma

 An estimated1,000,000,000 lives will be lost this century due to the negative health effects of smoking combustable cigarettes. One Billion!! Break that down with me for a minute. That's 10,000,000 lives lost each year for 100 years because of those damn stink logs! Going even further, that comes to 27,397 lives lost per day, 1,142 lives lost per hour and 19 lives per minute! By the time I finished my calculations above, we lost about 38 people. F that S in the B, as my friend would say.

 Of course these are just estimates, but the numbers really get the point across. There are too many lives lost on something that has a safer alternative. Of course we need to be clear here, since long term effects of vaping are not well known, vaping should be considered HARM REDUCTION. Nothing is 100% safe, but vaping is reportedly about 95% safer than smoking**.

 A big push to get this film into theatres is happening right now. You can visit Tugg to see where it is playing in a thatre near you. Don't see your city? We'll there is a solution for that! Create an account on the Tugg site and request a showing in your area. Yours truly just got one confirmed in Raleigh, NC!!! If you are going to be in the area on December 14th, at 7:30 PM, purchase a ticket here and come join us!! Tickets are $12.00 in advance (no tickets will be sold on-site so you must purchase your ticket(s) in advance to attend). All showings must have at least 95 tickets sold in advance to actaully take place. A refund will be issues to those who purchased tickets if that number is not reached. I am working to get some backing from local vape shops, but as of right now it's just me promoting for the showing in Raleigh. 

 Ideally, we want non-vapers to see this movie. The nay-sayers, the smokers, soul searchers and the like. Vapers want the world to understand our new found love. The saving grace that got us off those stinky lung darts. We all need to understand the role Big Tobacco and Big Pharma play in this game and why there is so much disinformation around vaping. We've got to do something soon because a billion lives are at stake! Spread the word and vape on!


You can also scan this QRCode to visit the Ticket Reservation Site on Tugg:


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